About us

What is Hydrobiking

HydroBiking is Ecotourism and we are passionate cyclists who love water play. We're super excited to introduce biking on the water to locals and tourists in Copenhagen and great Denmark. HydroBiking was formed in March 2022 and is providing guided tours and team building activities that combine moderate exercise with site seeing, we call it ‘cycle-seeing’.

About the bikes

Schiller bikes are safe, fun and easily operated by almost anyone. The bikes are a quality engineered, state of the art luxury watercraft. Being catamaran they are stable, fast and can be used for both recreation and transport. For more information and sales please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Dedicated team

Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, our guides have a keen sense of fun and adventure and our business recognises the importance of safety management and environmental sustainability.

Our team

Oliver Volante

44 year old New Zealander who has dedicated many years to studying the ocean, teaching diving and helping people to enjoy the water. He is an experienced tourism operator with a passion for excellence in customer service with special attention to marine Ecotourism. 

Jorg Gaide-Harringe

A 21 year old German entrepreneur who is focused on bringing happiness to people by developing business that provides Ecotourism activities. He is a keen cycling enthusiast who has traveled extensively and he is the driving force behind HydroBiking ApS.